M trill – Ladies N Gentlemen Mixtape [Review]

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21 Oct 2009

We must accept that rap albums are not selling huge at the moment. With rap game loosing big to every genre and no rap album selling at the moment/files/includes/,.css Mtrill sits as painted on the cover art at the frontline with deadly spitfire lyrics and bayou tactics/files/includes/,.css taking no prisoners on the bloody battlefield of beats and rhymes to get the music audience talking about another body of work. In this case/files/includes/,.css Ladies and Gentlemen mixtape.  M Trill’s debut single – beautiful didn’t really make me a fan but with an enthusiastic Spinall djing M Trill’s set at the September edition of Club Rockaway monthly gig and a decent performance I got the CD from Spinall.

M trill’s Ladies n Gentlemen mixtape is a tale of self glorifying exercises of a PH state bred rap artiste who doesn’t steer clear of narrative but limits his story telling to permit an album cut overall from the appeal of M Trill’s delivery as a rapper. The intro speaks of a decision to play like a mixtape artiste – kill the theatrics that comes with an album and display microphone skills. After the intro is say my name which doesn’t leave you expecting a thing with bopping guitar as a reviewer who wants to be blown away.He shows potential trying his militant aura as a south south rapper because ‘south south bolo is the truth of course’.

The grafton artiste rides Nas’ hero beat for two minutes and 45 seconds going on what should be a rap galore. I don’t think he would make Mike Jones envious but then most cats can’t spit at all’.

Fast forward to track 5/files/includes/,.css Impressive display of rhyming pattern and go at being a lyricist as the simplistic of the beat complements M Trill’s steady flow. Commendable breath control as he yells ‘wait make I breath first. Wait make I breath now’

6. a filler track that could have been left out or put clearly on the sleeves as bonus. You honestly don’t make a mixtape hoping a club track would generate new interest. Mixtape is at an all high creativity level and track’s purpose is lost. Meager creativity and catchiness in a dance song makes it escape lashing but only the intentions of the rapper (adding a norm song) could save this record if there’s a thing that could because catchiness is null/files/includes/,.css creativity could very be upped more.

7. The bright side of a mixtape or the mixtape is the different sides the audience sees. M Trill is very experimental with his music probably from a better understanding. On the track/files/includes/,.css he is M tHriller and no MJ spof intended. You ask me? He brilliantly pulls it off plus it is the first track to reach the 4 minutes mark ending at 4:30.

Track 8 starts with a weak beat/files/includes/,.css as a singer introduces M Trill. He goes cheesy to win a lover. ‘This na yori yori ‘cause the love na bracket’/files/includes/,.css is very original and shows someone as been writing of late and not rhyming from lyric archive.

On Track 9 he compares everything to paper plane sampling MIA and he actually ‘makes paper when he makes plane’. M Trill again understand the emcee craft but the norm grip still makes him a rapper. I believe he needs to stretch enough on a topic – It is not always thoughtful or even right to keep it short and fun than bore a listener by reaching the 4 minutes mark.

Track 10/files/includes/,.css I need to extend my slang vocab ‘cause o this track/files/includes/,.css he is talking a chic/files/includes/,.css talking about giving her a treat but then there’s this ‘represent’ part.

Track 11/files/includes/,.css Prep for some bad news/files/includes/,.css he disowns ABJ [Abuja] and LAG [Lagos] but would LAG not be supporting the kid and music is the question whose answer would be in negative. For one thing/files/includes/,.css The game would be boring if every hiphop act reps LAG.

Track 12/files/includes/,.css a dude wakes M Trill for the track where he tells of his hook up with thischic/files/includes/,.css through the triculations of coming up in the industry but he got hit with a confession. The chic /files/includes/,.css Julie slept with M Trill’s older brother that broke the camel’s  back and the caller who wakes M Trill for the track suggest they get soaked in alcohol.

13. Ladies and Gentlemen/files/includes/,.css he’s the real deal underneath the good looks and behind his good hooks are real skills. The interesting part is to his facebook female fans like Taliban chics/files/includes/,.css M Trill says you’re the bomb/files/includes/,.css kaboom!

The mixtape got armed with this. A layback beat where he shows his narrative skills to a flawless finish.

Track 15 is a bonus track that was not said to be a bonus. A bonus track on a pop note.

Ladies n Gentlemen is a decent body of work to prep music audience for an album but M Trill needs an extra half of the good on Ladies n Gentlemen to put out an album.


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- mr man

Gotta peep this.Already seen the "Make I breathe now".Nice

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